Viewsonic X100-4K+ uses next-gen LED for projection

Big picture with bigger sonics
18 December 2020 / 17:22IST

If you’ve seen a projector in the last few years, it’s pretty certain that you have seen DLP technology at work. But Viewsonic is doing things differently for its latest home-cinema projector by using a 2nd-gen LED technology that delivers 2900 lumens of brightness, HDR10 support and 125% coverage of the industry-standard REC709 colour space. Too much tech for you? How about laying back and just enjoying a 200in 4K image, knowing that the lens shift function will allow you to practically keep the projector off-axis and still get a perfectly aligned picture! All this science is matched to some voice magic, courtesy of Alexa and Google Assistant support and will only set you back by ₹3,85,000. Not a high price when you can have a theatre all to yourself all year round!