Time for a new kind of VU

Devita Saraf, CEO of the fastest growing TV brand in India rallies up new tellies
04 April 2019 / 12:26IST

After a claimed three years of development time, VU Technologies is ready to launch its next breakthrough in TV tech and it’s called the VOD Upscaler. Designed differently to upscalers available in most video products until now, VU’s tech has been optimised for video-on-demand streaming services that tend to compress video heavily for better bandwidth management and faster access. Using a combination of powerful DSP and software algorithms, it aims to recreate the signal as it was before compression. Machine learning helps it to analyse the incoming frame’s colour to an internal database of 4 billion colours and chooses the best possible colour pixel to replace it with. It uses a similar tech for brightness at a pixel level and manages to use the advanced algorithm for audio too, differentiating between speech and music to adjust the midband or the bass accordingly. VU is bringing this tech to three of its TV ranges, the UltraSmart (32in, 40in, 49in), Pixelight 4K (43in, 50in, 55in, 65in) and the Premium Android (43in, 50in, 55in, 65in) starting from 14,500 to 72,000 for the biggest Premium Android model. Dolby Vision HDR and the official Google Ecosystem also comes to the Premium Android models that will also be the first televisions to come with hot keys for Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube on the remote! Time to get binging then