Telefunken has a TV with an appetite for Indian weather

Be entertained, uninterrupted!
09 December 2019 / 17:37IST

Indian weather is notoriously infamous for fiddling with the biological clock of your electronic products like TVs, monitors and many others with a generous overdose of humidity and heat. Telefunken, a German consumer electronics brand, has addressed this issue with its latest smart TV that is designed to deal with this unpleasant situation. The TFK40S is a 40-inch Full HD smart TV that claims resistance to heat, humidity and voltage fluctuations, which prolongs the life of your electronic products as well as reduces the maintenance cost. The TV runs on Android 8.0 and provides unlimited entertainment with Streamwall UI and also comes with a free subscription of Movie Box (7000+ free movies in both Indian and foreign languages). Now only worry about your popcorn… and some comfy pillows, while you pick this TV from Amazon at ₹16,999. Movie time, anybody?