Telefunken could be a second TV add on for your home

Let the kids enjoy Project MC2 while you binge on Marianne
15 October 2019 / 15:37IST

Yes we know your kids are now free from school for their Diwali holidays and all they would want to do is be glued to your 4K TV watching their boring cartoons. And you have absolutely no option but watch them fight over that one remote. Why not push them into their room with a TV of their own? German tech giant Telefunken has announced two 32in HD TVs TFK32S and TFK32N starting at ₹7,999. The smart TV features a Streamwall UI which is powered by Cloud TV Certified AOSP and sports more than 17 Lakh+ hours of content to keep them scrolling and fighting over what they wanna watch. So go ahead and gift them a new idiot box to hang on their bedroom walls and see the glee on their face. Let them enjoy Project MC2 while you binge on Marianne.