TCL gives India its first 8K QLED TV with IMAX Enhanced tech

The TV has a pop-up camera too
18 June 2020 / 14:15IST

Seeking a future-proof TV? Probably the only option you have is to opt for an 8K screen. However, while top brands are demanding deeper pockets for 8K smart TVs, TCL seems to have changed that completely. The TCL X915 is India’s first 75in 8K QLED TV that includes an Onkyo Soundbar, a pop-up camera, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and IMAX Enhanced tech. The display panel also sports 120Hz MEMC refresh rate that will ensure motion blur does not get in between your entertainment. And with hands-free voice control, you may no longer need to find that remote. Simply speak to Google’s Assistant and let her take your commands to TCL. So be it a love movie, an action flick or that soccer match, you simply need to hold on to your popcorn tub. Oh yes – that pop-up camera can click your selfie for a background wallpaper, or put you on a call with your loved ones overseas. A 64bit 1.3GHz 8K processor along with a Dvalin 800MHz GPU is also responsible for upscaling any non-8K content you feed it, so that you can enjoy an enhanced 8K-like experience until those 8K movies get here. If you are wondering about the price, the 75in X915 comes in at a sweet ₹2,99,990. TCL also announced new 4K QLED TVs in different sizes under the C815 and C715 series, with 50in to 75in panels, starting at ₹45,990.