Panasonic’s JS and JX series tellies will let you control other Panasonic devices along with Google’s and Alexa-enabled one’s too

For the lazy in us
06 July 2021 / 16:11IST

Panasonic launches its JX and JS series of Android TV’s that let you truly become a couch potato. These 4K Smart tellies are slim with minimal bezels that make them easy to blend into your home. It's also got a Dolby Vision supported display that has a wide color gamut and even Dolby Atmos sound for that cinematic experience we all miss. It also has panoramic viewing angles so you can invite the whole gang over for movie night. Does half your relaxing time go in finding the remote? Get your head out from under the couch and command the TV directly using Google or Amazon’s AI butler. You can access your favourite shows from multiple streaming services using only voice commands. It's also equipped with the Miraie App that lets you control other Panasonic devices in your house aside from  Google Home and Alexa enabled devices! The pocket-friendly JS range starts from ₹25,490 and the JX series starts from ₹50,990.