Movie watching goes beyond just ‘watching’ now, thanks to INOX MX4D

Cinema with a four dimension feel...
26 April 2019 / 19:59IST

Synonymous with cutting-edge tech in commercial cinemas, INOX is now bringing Indian movie goers an experience that they will be able to feel, quite literally. Known as MX4D tech from MediaMation, which has more than 17 years or experience in this technology and has installed this tech in over 300 cinema screens globally, it differentiates itself from earlier 4D cinemas in several ways. For starters, it uses pneumatic seats as opposed to the electronic motors used in others for a much smoother motion with a larger range of angles. The long list of effects includes wind, water blast, snow, fog, rain, bubbles, strobe and even scent, although the last one kept infusing coffee bean aroma into the air during certain scenes in the Avengers: End Game with no correlation to the action on the screen. The more visceral effects built into the seat itself like rumbler, butt kicker and movement are augmented by neck and leg ticklers and back pokers completing the massage-like effect every time Thanos punched an Avenger in the gut. If you like your movies to be more like a theme park ride, the first Inox MX4D cinema is now in operation at the INOX Inorbit mall in the Mumbai suburb of Malad. Pro tip: skip the heavy lunch.