LG tellies just got a whole lot smarter thanks to AI

LG! Make me popcorn? No, well…
16 July 2018 / 17:32IST

Barking orders at your smart devices is not new and certainly not new when it comes to TVs. You see, Alexa is trotting this space for quite some time but only to work with its dedicated Fire Stick and Echo devices. LG wants you to command your TV straight from your voice, without the go-between Alexa or any other weirdly named AI (read as Bixby). The 2018 lineup of televisions from LG will pack that serious high quality fidelity screens along with α9 processor that is designed to support high frame rates, upto 120 frames to be precise. Even if you ain’t half as excited for the AI ThinQ, those high frame rate caps for couch gaming is definitely a boon. The range starts from ₹32,500 and goes up to ₹29,49,990.