Flipkart’s MarQ TurboStream can make your idiot box smarter

“Ok Google” your way into world of streaming
05 November 2019 / 17:52IST

If it takes you a few seconds to change channels, your good old flat-screen is getting a bit old for the streaming generation. But you don’t need to sell it to the scrap dealer just yet. Flipkart’s MarQ TurboStream stick plugs into the back of your dumb TV and turns it into a streaming genius. So you can go from an annoyed channel surfer to binge-watching the latest episodes of Sacred Games. At ₹3499, the MarQ TurboStream stick is pretty much on par with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick (from ₹3999). Based on Android 9.0, this one has a built-in Chromecast and Google’s Assistant will be handling your voice commands. Sorry — no Alexa here.