Enhance your business, show off your merchandise with Barco G60 projectors

Shop, mall, or your office reception — present in style
06 August 2019 / 18:01IST

Walking into a showroom with a video presentation or ads of the goods is bliss. You get an exclusive idea of the range of products that are on sale, with just one area to view — the screen. So why not ramp up your showroom with a projector instead of those old, boring TV panels around your walls. With a Barco G60 series projector, you can showcase your goods on every wall, whatever size you need, at the spin of that dial. The compact Barco G60’s short-throw PGWU lenses can produce projections of up to 10K lumens using its laser light source for quality images and lower maintenance. So whether you own a plush office, run a museum, manage a fancy hotel, or are into an education business, these projectors can help you be more productive than before. Starting at ₹11 lakh onwards, your business could change the game with your rivals.