Compaq is set to bring big-sized tellies for the 4K audience

Compaq come back?
02 September 2020 / 16:34IST

Can Compaq deliver their promise of establishing their brand that presents great options to customers in all segments and sizes of smart televisions? This made in India product aims to destroy their rivals with their flagship QLED 4K series called Hex which comes in two sizes, a 55 and 65-inch version at ₹59,999 and ₹89,999 respectively which don’t cripple you in debt and claim to create life-like sound and visual experience with 4K UHD capabilities and a 5.1 immersive sound setup with ‘mimi hearing technology’ which is apparently going to make these televisions sound crystal clear. Compaq says that this T.V sets it apart for two reasons, excellent components have been used to create this product, as well as it is the most attractive thing in your entertainment space if that was a criteria for you in the first place, but well it meets both of them anyway. It is also powered by 2.5 GB RAM and 16GB ROM and a Quadcore processor with Mali graphics processor which offers fast and lag-free performance. Sounds too good to be true? I’m as intrigued as you are.