CloudWalker’s Cloud TV X2 supports 4K content on its Full HD screen and Android smarts for just ₹14,990

Smart TV for cheap
05 July 2018 / 15:13IST

An average consumer would have to dig deep in the pocket if they're looking for a regular 32in-40in Full HD smart TV. Guess times have changed. CloudWalker’s Cloud TV X2 keeps costs super-low and plays 4K content in Full HD (1920x1080) with Android Nougat 7.0 (Quad Core ARM Cortex processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage) doing all the running in the background. Connect it to WiFi and let the streaming of movies, TV shows and music begin through various apps and services curated just for you. You can also mirror your smartphone to the TV or use it as a remote to browse and type. The XLuminous display with DCTI/DLTI tech enhances the quality of images and videos for stunning and sharper visuals. At least that's what we're told. You can hang the Cloud TV X2 in your living room starting at just ₹14,990 for the 32in (up to 55in). Guess times have really changed!