A bright new Vu is upon us and this time it’s a mouthful too!

Quantum Pixelight LED TV is what they’re calling it and they aren’t fooling around...
02 February 2018 / 11:10IST

If you’ve been working hard at the keys and stumbled upon Flipkart, you can’t not have seen Vu Televisions. They represent a huge range that covers everything from entry-level to an ever-changing flagship of the season and the season now is ripe for HDR. Building on the Iconium and Pixelight televisions, the brand chose the TEDx pre-event dinner to preview their latest and greatest, the Quantum Pixelight LED TV. The engineering team is quick to point out that the technology itself isn’t owned by a small Korean company and that their version of the “Quantum” comes from using another optical layer in the display panel that controls multiple backlight zones, making for richer and deeper colours. The Pure Metal industrial design looks ravishing and Vu has to be given credit for integrating the soundbar-ish speaker design so neatly under the panel itself. The 5000 perforations conceal separate L/R units with one midrange and two tweeters on each side. It’s even angled so that it can project the sound directly at the listening position and not serve your ankles. Strangely enough though, the 65in model gets a rear-firing woofer while the 75in doesn’t. Both support Dolby Digital to make the most of your streaming shows and coupled with the HDR colour spectrum and 4K resolution, it could make for a binge session. Like a lot of higher-end Vu models, the remote comes with hot keys for Netflix and YouTube and the TV runs on a Vu-developed Smart OS, which is based on Opera. Support for Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar, Voot, ALTBalaji is coming soon so expect the apps to grow significantly. Available only in Vu exclusive showrooms and Flipkart at the moment, the 65in is priced at ₹2.6lacs and the 75in for ₹4lacs.