Binge on with budget HD-ready TVs from Noble Skiodo

Choose from two ultra-budget HD televisions to watch Netflix in your bedroom.
26 July 2019 / 11:53IST

Your mom and dad may be happier when they know they can use the TV at their own will.

Host that football show with friends in your living room and your dad could show you how large his eyes could get. Send him to his bedroom to watch his favourite dramas while you carry on munching on your chips with friends. With Noble Skiodo’s two new ultra-budget LCD teles, get one for every room in your house. Be it dad’s bedroom or your kitchen, a 32in display works for him while your mom could follow Sanjeev Kapoor’s latest biryani recipe on a 24in canvas in her kitchen. Both new LCD TVs feature 20W speakers and HD-ready A+ Grade panels claiming best audio and video quality. If you want, place these in your kid’s room and the built-in games or USB playback will keep them occupied for hours with Tom chasing Jerry around the house. Pick your choice between the 24in NB24VRI01 or the 32in NB32R01 that are available on Flipkart for the price of a family dinner at ₹6799 and ₹8499 respectively.