The A9G marks its spot as the top OLED TV in Sony’s range

With the latest and greatest tech that Sony has to offer
02 August 2019 / 12:20IST

It’s that time of the year again when Sony drops its most coveted TV. One that shuts up the competition and one that they hope firmly grabs the top spot in the premium TV segment. And to do it, Sony has thrown everything and the kitchen sink at it. The Bravia A9G makes its way to the Master series of TVs from Sony, you know, the series Sony claims is designed to get you image quality as close to the quality intended by content creators. It is fitted with the most powerful processor that Sony has ever put on a TV - the X1 Ultimate - touted to have 2x the performance of the older X1 Extreme. In a bid to completely eliminate using the remote, the A9G features Voice Search powered by Google Assistant to control every aspect of the TV even while it is in standby mode. Building upon the trend set by the A1 series a couple of years ago, the A9G features a similar sound system that emits sound directly from the screen. It’s a 2.2 channel system called the Acoustic Surface Audio+ and should perform better than most in-built systems. The in-built speakers can also be used as a centre speaker along with a home theater system. At ₹3,69,990 for the 6in and ₹2,69,990 for the 55in version, the A9G is priced on par with most of the latest 4K OLED competition. Full review coming soon.