Tenda’s dual-band router could end your internet woes

High-speed broadband needs dual-band routers for best throughputs
17 December 2019 / 17:30IST

If you are wondering why your high-speed internet connection at home is giving you sloppy speeds on your smartphone or laptop, then the culprit could be your wireless router itself. Tenda has recently introduced the AC8 AC1200 wireless router that’s powered by a RealTek processor and promises high and stable speeds for your streaming and gaming needs. The four 6dBi omni-directional antennas provide strong and wide-spread coverage of up to 90 square metres, promising signal penetration of up to two layers of walls. Lastly, the router is also smart and can be configured and controlled over the internet. Priced at ₹4,900, the Tenda AC8 AC1200 is a great option for those seeking a router upgrade for their home or small business.

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