Xiaomi launches Cyberdog, a programmable robot companion

Where do we go from here?
11 August 2021 / 13:36IST

This is where we would insert a smart one-liner but this already sounds too crazy! This is a bio-inspired quadruped robot that is open-sourced and programmable. Xiaomi created this Frankenstein which has as many computing cores, chips, sensors and motors as a transformer so that it can interact with its environment. The GPS tracker, Intel’s depth module and AI interactive cameras let it plan routes for a destination while avoiding obstacles. It has features like voice commands and facial recognition that let it interact with its owner. It’s essentially a dog without biological limitations. So, if you want a dog that you don't need to train to perform backflips and one that you can program to walk your other dogs, this will be available for 9,999 yuan (around ₹1.15 lakh).

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