Tripper WiFi makes sure you’re never out of internet

Allows you internet access when out of the country
24 June 2019 / 17:48IST

Imagine this - you are travelling abroad for 10 days and you have to approach your telecom provider for an international package which is set for a certain period regardless of if you're travelling for lesser/more days, is mostly expensive and has its data limitations. Enter Tripper WiFi, a portable WiFi router that automatically picks up on the telecom signals of the country you have arrived in. All you need to do is switch on the device, enter the credentials and stay connected via unlimited data. The pricing for this is extremely flexible, where Tripper charges you per day basis instead of the telecom packages that you have to buy regardless of your travel days. Best part, one router can stay connected with up to 5 devices, so your entire group/family is sorted. Prices vary from country to country and is calculated carrier wise.

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