SYSKA’s HC700 Hair Curler will make a wave for you…

A flick of the wand, and a little heat is all it needs
17 May 2019 / 12:06IST

Give a girl the right tools and everyday could turn into a red carpet moment. While Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra (with Mallika Sherawat sprinkled over like a tasteless condiment) are busy trotting about the Cannes red carpet, you can create your own right in your home. SYSKA’s HC700 Hair Curler heats up on 30s and gives you the right type of bouncy curls you’d need to set your own red carpet on fire (watch out though, unplug after use or you’d be booked for arson). Its 19mm tong does curls of all sizes with perfection and the ceramic coat prevents potential hair damage that’s usually part of the curling package. The long cord comfortably reaches your dresser mirror, even if the plug point is a little far. Salon style makeover comes at a pocket-friendly price of ₹1699 it’s a great buy for those who want hot curls on a whim.

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