Super Mario is the next big videogame to be turned into a plastic kit by Lego

It’s-a Leg-io
11 March 2020 / 12:32IST

Loads of videogames are based on Lego, but kits based on games are rare. Still, the Overwatch theme (including the awesome Wrecking Ball) is now ten sets strong, and Minecraft kits go all Blockception with plastic blocks that represent virtual blocks that ape real-world building blocks. But Lego Super Mario could be the biggest hit of all. There’s only a teaser to peer at for the moment, and it’s unclear what’s on offer. Right now, it looks like we’re getting a minifig-style Mario with LED chestplate, teeth and eyes – which is a bit weird. Frankly, we’d be happy with some Nintendo minifigs we can have leap around the office – although we’re not going to be all angry if Lego rocks up with Lego Bowser’s Castle, Lego pipes, Lego mushrooms, and Lego Question Blocks begging to be nutted by a dinky Lego Mario.

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