The Substitute Phone is a fidget spinner for smartphone addicts

Won’t lose its marbles
14 December 2017 / 17:29IST

Chances are many Stuff India readers will know this feeling. You settle down, and immediately grab your smartphone, to fill the gaping void of terrifying boredom that had threatened to open up during the previous two seconds. Klemens Schillinger recognises such bad habits, too, and seeks to get you through ‘withdrawal’ by way of a phone-shaped object to fiddle with. But unlike the ostensibly similar NoPhone ($12, which converts to about ₹772), his Substitute Phones have some functionality of sorts, in that you can perform familiar swipe and scroll gestures on rotating stone beads incorporated into the body. A comfort blanket, then – although perhaps not much comfort if your smartphone dependency stems not from the actions your digits are making, but rather from checking Facebook dozens of times per hour.

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