PowerUp 4.0 is a paper airplane with flight computer you control using your phone

Plane sailing
16 September 2019 / 12:10IST

No matter how amazing your folding skills, paper airplanes are a disappointment. Lob. Wait a bit. Crash. But with PowerUp 4.0  (around ₹3500), your creations can soar through the air, by way of an onboard flight computer controlled by your phone. This fourth iteration of PowerUp has a 70m range and ten-minute flight time, and can achieve speeds of up to 20mph. A combination of gyro, accelerometer, and thrust vectoring motors lets you perform all manner of amazing tricks, auto-stabilising your craft even if your idea of a paper plane is quite literally folding a sheet of A4 in half. PowerUp 4.0 can fly more than just paper, too – card; balsa wood; foam; a lettuce leaf (seriously – it’s in the Kickstarter video). You can also go pro for around ₹6000 to get bling LEDs for night flights, along with a set of wheels so you can do snazzy take-offs and landings – and then mull over that paper airplanes were never this cool when you were a kid.

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