OMG! This Luxaire ceiling fan has a single blade!

A futuristic design that actually works
11 March 2020 / 12:01IST

We all know that fans need a minimum of two blades to function. But have you ever imagined a ceiling fan with a single blade? Yes — it’s a reality, and this award winning design by Luxaire will actually force you to turn off the fan and flaunt it to your friends. Defying the rules of physics, the Lux 1020 uses a single blade for displacing air forward, while a smaller fin-styled blade is used as counterweight, making it one of the most efficient and functional single-blade ceiling fans out there. The luxury fan is sculpted around principles of aerodynamics with an ABS blade with a specially designed aerofoil profile to operate at a lower RPM while still providing a higher airflow. And what’s even more surprising is that this piece of hanging/spinning art consumes just 36 watts of energy at full power. Available in brushed aluminium, matt white and full matt black, this luxury ceiling fan comes with a 15-year motor warranty and carries a hefty price tag of ₹92,000.

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