Let Cair tell you how dirty the air is around you

Fight pollution smartly
12 December 2019 / 15:58IST

Purelogic Labs India is serious about air pollution and wants you to be serious about the air you intake. Breathing unhealthy, polluted air is not cool since it has both short term and long term health hazards that can affect the entire family. To curb the issue, its Cair and Cair+ air quality monitors will notify you about your surrounding air quality so that you can take immediate action. Beneficial for homes and offices, these little alarm clock-sized monitors sport a display that informs you about the PM2.5 pollution apart from temperature and humidity levels in the air indoors. The pocket monitor is also smart and connects to your smartphone to inform you about the indoor air quality even before you get home. CO2 and HCHO with dedicated sensors and TVOC are monitored in real-time so you can take action immediately. Priced at ₹4,990 and ₹7,490, the Cair and Cair+ are your first steps towards protecting your family and staff.

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