KogoBOT is a pocket-friendly digital storyteller for your next road trip

It’s a mini community of travellers too...
12 February 2020 / 15:07IST

If you, like us, hold a grudge against yourself for not documenting your travels well, then it’s time to buy a KogoBOT and forgive yourself for being an Instagram sloth post vacation. Travel enthusiasts, especially road trip junkies who often hit the road on their bikes, are often asked about the routes they took, places to stop at on the way, etc. Mount the KogoBOT on your vehicle and, based on a dedicated GPS and multiple sensors, the app builds your story on its social feed. Get the gist? It’s Instagram for travellers but still so different. The app generates captions for your pictures, prompts you to add descriptions for the stops taken en route, adds relevant hashtags and then lets you share your travel story with fellow travellers on the community app. Though it currently works on a local Indian SIM card, major tweaking is on its way in the near future to enhance your travel experience even further. With a heavy duty battery and in-built data storage enough to last you up to 10 days, your trip to the next Wi-Fi-free zone will not go undocumented. Besides, the next time an enthu colleague asks about your trails, invite them to the app and they can see it for themselves. Priced at ₹7749 (including a one year subscription to the app/community), the KogoBOT is ready to be your travel assistant and companion at once.

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