iMap 9.0 will know its way around the dusty corners of your house better than you

Kick back and relax while it cleans and sanitises wet and dry floors…
21 May 2020 / 15:00IST

A robot floor cleaner that uses Live Mapping to navigate, cleans the floor faster than your kids dirty them, is app controlled and sanitises the areas it trots over is what our lockdown cleaning dreams are made of. While we’re busy breaking our backs – switching between the roles of a cook, bai, a WFH professional, parent, and maybe even more, Milagrow’s latest presentation, the iMap 9, is here to challenge your current kaamwali bai’s (read: the husband during this extended lockdown period) efficiency as well as COVID spores, which the iMap 9 claims to eliminate as it sanitises your floor with sodium hypochlorite solution in ‘wet’ mode. It’s loaded with features – sensors to prevent falls and overcome obstructions, faster and more independent laser-based mapping and the resulting accuracy, 2200Pa Suction Power, app control and, best of all – dry and wet modes that completely spare you from doing the back-breaking work of cleaning floors. A pricey investment at ₹79,990, but definitely a worthy one in these times when we’ll actually need Karan Johar-style welcome for our house helps… whenever that might be!

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