Iconic Adidas’ Telstar 18 returns and it’s loaded with NFC

Redesigned and now environment-friendly
20 November 2017 / 16:46IST

Telstar, the iconic football was first played in the 1970 World Cup. It’s back and how. Redesigned and improved for the 2018 World Cup which will be held in Russia. The ball retains the best of the Brazuca (WC2014, Brazil) but with improved performance and tech. What tech? It’s embedded with an NFC chip, making it the first ball to be used in an official football match. This NFC chip helps the players to unlock content and offers special challenges and competitions. Upload these challenges using an NFC app on your smartphone and those will be updated in the run-up to the World Cup. It’s tested, kicked and flicked from the best teams and players of the world like Argentina, Colombia, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Even Zlatan approves. Want to know one more thing? The Telstar 18 is recyclable and costs ₹9,999 (₹1,999 for the official top glider ball).

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