Hasbro's Yellies are cute, fuzzy creatures that respond to your kids' yelling

Channelize all that screaming energy...
14 December 2018 / 15:02IST

Kids love to scream, and quite frankly, it’s a wee bit annoying. Wish you could leave yours at the neighbors when they’re having a sugar or adrenaline rush, but most of us don’t for the fear of being judged. This cute novelty item is a great way to contain the otherwise erratic streaming. Leave the kids in a room with Hasbro’s Yellies and they’ll be sorted for a couple of hours. The louder they scream, the faster these cute, fuzzy, battery-operated creatures run. Their eyes light up and spider legs move as they respond to your voice and cost 1499. Talk softly and they move slowly or yell louder and get them scurrying faster across the room! Wait a minute - they’re still gonna scream, right? Well, the advantage here is - the screaming would be limited to one room, not the whole house. So while they’re busy screaming to chase away the Yellies, it’s a great time to pull out those NC headphones and duck for cover.

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