Freedom 4 wireless charger that lets you see at night, wake you at dawn

The Freedom 4 can be a cool gift idea for your boss, especially when it’s appraisal time.
29 July 2019 / 15:41IST

If you seen your boss get his hands dirty on a swanky new iPhone this year, then why not make him feel even more special. With Freedom 4, a unique and well-thought product from Portronics, you can put a broad smile on your boss’ face every time he enters his cabin, or even see you around. Freedom 4 is a smart wireless mobile charger with an alarm clock and LED lamp built into it. This 3-in-1 device can wirelessly charge compatible smartphones (from Apple, Samsung, Google and Huawei), while serving as a lamp and alarm clock. An additional USB port on the left will also charge other smartphones and gadgets. Rest it on a bedside table or place it on a work desk — it’s an ideal gift for your boss, especially when its ‘appraisal month.’ With a capability of up to 10W wireless charging, you can tell your boss that he can now leave his iPhone’s Lightning cable back home. Don’t worry — this charger will not eat into monthly EMI either. Priced at an MRP of ₹2999 and currently available for a sweet discount of ₹1899, we believe your boss will definitely appreciate this little gesture when he marks those star ratings for you.

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