Dyson will make your fiancé crave for that hair dryer

Now her hair can dry better at your expense
29 August 2019 / 17:03IST

If your fiancé saw Dyson’s hairdryer earlier, we bet she made that puppy face to you before. But now, be careful as that puppy face will be in front of you all over again. Dyson has announced new styling attachments for their fancy, futuristic, expensive Supersonic hairdryer, which claims that cleaning the hairdryer is fun and easier. They have a wide-tooth comb and a gentle air dryer attachment after massive research and found that the new attachments can help with hair care even better. The gentle air dryer attachment provides a softer and more diffused airflow for faster drying, while the wide-tooth comb, engineered for curly and coily hair, can help shape, lengthen and create volume. Other areas where Dyson will make your fiancé put up with her cute face is the re-engineered diffuser and the styling concentrator. So be aware, your non-techie fiancé will suddenly sound like a geek to you, while you keep checking the days remaining for your next paycheck. Just a head’s up — the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer starts at ₹26,900, enough to make you forget those late-night parties with your school friends. Maybe some of you will start downloading Tinder all over again!

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