DJI’s FPV is a racing drone for the masses

Swift, safe and strapped to your face
04 March 2021 / 9:53IST

It’s been a few years since DJI sent an entirely new category of drone soaring into the wild blue heavens, but the DJI FPV (from £1,249) seems to be just that: it’s the first flyer to combine the aerial camera knowhow and safety features synonymous with DJI with a true first-person flight setup. Strap on the included headset to put your peepers in the pilot's seat as the FPV slices through the skies at up to 87mph, powered by the third generation of DJI’s OcuSync transmission tech (which has a range of up to 10km). As well as beaming a live feed to your eyes, the camera also records stabilised 4K video at up to 60fps or 120fps slo-mo clips at 1080p quality, while an optional one-handed controller lets you steer the drone with only hand movements. If it all sounds a bit scary, DJI’s obstacle avoidance and an emergency brake make this one of the most safe-sounding racing drones we’ve come across. Look out for a review soon.

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