Clean air anywhere with AirTamer personal wearable air purifier

Streams of healthy negative ions force airborne pollutants away from your space
12 August 2019 / 12:58IST

Heard of people having an aura around them? Now how about having pure air around you anytime, anywhere? Yes, having an air purifier in your home, office or car is not good enough if you are moving out on the road. Wearing a personal air purifier could be the answer to your allergies. In comes AirTamer which promises to keep those unhealthy pollutants away from your personal space around you. This little gadget simply needs to be charged and worn around your neck and its continuous stream of negative ions will force all those airborne pollutants away from your immediate space. Designed with an ion-emitting brush (2 million ions per second), it keeps up to 6ft (3ft radius) of air around you clean and smelling fresh. So whether you are on crossing the road in heavy traffic or chatting up with a friend at the smoking lounge, the ultra mini AirTamer air purifier claims to protect you from sooth and smoke. Priced at ₹9999, you can pick some up for your entire family on Amazon, Paytm Mall or

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