Charge your premium phones with Stuffcool’s Qi Chargers

Place one of these everywhere
19 September 2019 / 11:58IST

Admit it…your smartphone does run out of juice faster than you think. And you are left with no choice but carrying a powerbank or lugging around that bulky charger or that single USB cable everywhere you go. An option — buy multiple chargers and keep one each at home, office, car, bag, and everywhere you travel frequently. A good alternative— buy a wireless charger for every place. While the wireless chargers are pretty cheaper, they will also save you from the hassles plugging in those cables every time. Accessory brand StuffCool recently announced their 10W Qi-certified WC510 wireless charging stand, which is loaded with a bunch of protective features such as temperature protection, short circuit protection, power protection, and over-voltage protection. Priced at ₹2999, this charging stand comes with a Type-C cable, ready for your next Google Pixel, or your existing Apple or Samsung phones.

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