Wacom’s 32in (and 24in) Cintiq Pro 4K tablet is a designer's best friend

Maximum creativity mode on
22 February 2019 / 19:43IST

Draw it, brush it, paint it, swirl it, bend it and twist it. No sir, that’s not a Daft Punk song, but that’s what you could do with the Wacom’s Cintiq Pro tablet. It’s got a super hi-res 4K display (3840x2160px) with an Adobe RGB colour accuracy of 98% so you never go wrong with the final product’s colour. The new Wacom Pro Pen 2 is updated with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for super professional 3D designers, AR/VR developers and veteran artists. The etched glass reduces glare, adds tactile feedback and mimicks that old-school ‘pen on paper’ for a realistic feel. The Cintiq Pro also fits in a pair of legs at the back which raises the screen up to 20˚ so you don’t have to bend too much whilst creating your best art. Choose between 24in (₹2,23,399) and 32in (₹2,75,999) variants and buy one right now to unleash your ultimate creative potential.

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