These little Netgear cubes promise to surround your home with Wi-Fi

Make an Orbi mesh at home
23 April 2020 / 16:00IST

Working from home could become inefficient if your internet connection plays up in the very corner you want to work from. While the devices closer to the router are flooded with Wi-Fi signals, the far off devices in your large home could suffer from range issues. Netgear has a solution with these cute mesh cubes that will ensure your entire home is covered with Wi-Fi. With a new design, the Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi Routers are a small family of wireless cubes (a base RBR10 router and extender RBS10 satellites) to spread out the range of your wireless network evenly. Intelligent within, each of these satellite cubes communicate with each other and form an army to take on the job if one dies or is offline. Protected by Armor (by Bitdefender), these dual-band Wi-Fi mesh routers are available in sets of two (base + satellite) and three (1 base + 2 satellites) for 11,000 (RBK12) and 16,000 (RBK13) respectively.  

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