The newer, waterproof-ier Kindle Oasis really could survive on a desert island

Built-in Bluetooth adds audiobooks to the mix, too
12 October 2017 / 11:55IST

The best Kindle just got even better. Amazon has given the all-new Oasis a bigger 7in screen, fitting more words on a page than ever, and found room inside for a bigger battery - giving you up to six weeks of reading time between top-ups. It's still only a paltry 3.4mm thick, though, making a much better holiday companion than a stack of hardback books. Reading by the pool or on the beach won't be a problem now, either: the whole thing is IPX8 water resistant. It knows which page you've read up to, picking up playback from the right spot seamlessly. Neat. It's up for pre-order today from ₹21,999 for an 8GB (Wi-Fi only) and ₹28,999 (Wi-Fi + 3G). The Kindle Oasis should start shipping post  November 13.

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