New and improved scissor keyboard along with new gen innards make their way into Apple MacBook Pro 13in

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04 May 2020 / 19:42IST

Yes, Apple is listening to your problems. The new Magic keyboard is the key reason for picking your next Apple laptop and that’s why Apple has added the 13in MacBook Pro to the list of ‘fixed’ and improved models. After MacBook Pro 16in and Air got their share of clicky buttons, right down to the T-shaped arrow keys and a dedicated ESC key, the Pro 13in is out rocking the tried and tested solution too. We tested it with the MBP 16in and it’s hella better than the butterfly keyboard. You’re also promised pro performance from this 13in form factor. The 10th generation processor from Intel is touted to churn out up to 4.1Ghz of turbo speed for when your pro ideas need a little boost. Not just that, there’s a significant helping from RAM and storage too. Professionals looking to expand their 13.3in machine into an everyday behemoth can opt for up to 32GB of RAM and 4TB of storage. Apple says the laptop will also connect to Pro XDR display and run at full 6K resolution. Bold claims, something we look forward to reviewing once it sneaks its way around the lockdown. For the time being, start hoarding cash because the MBP 13in starts at ₹1,22,990 and will be available soon.

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