MSI’s GS65 shows how gaming laptops can be sexy and subtle at the same time

Dragon Booster
23 April 2018 / 15:02IST

MSI’s launched a whole bunch of new laptops with the blazingly fast Intel 8th generation processors. But it’s the GS65 Stealth (from 1,69,990) that stands out the most. A new design and for the first time - GOLD! Yup, MSI has studded this laptop with gold highlights and shed the weight dramatically while fitting in an Nvidia GTX1070 graphics unit. The display is a gorgeous full HD affair, but has a 144Hz refresh rate and we even dreamt of it supporting G-Sync in the future. But if subtlety is not your cup of tea check out the new MSI GT75 Titan and GE 73 Raider. We’ll have a full review of them in some time.

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