Logitech’s new MX mice go clicking crazy with three-PC support

Click, copy and paste across a trio of machines
31 October 2017 / 15:52IST

For most people, one computer is enough. Some, perhaps, have two. There’s a rare breed, though, that totes three PCs for their own amusement. For those people, Logitech has created the MX Master 2S (₹7,995). Paired with Logitech Flow (a free software download), it can control a trio of computers at once - with the ability to copy and paste content from one to the other to the other. No more fumbling for that USB stick, then, as its 4000DPI precision tracking does for three what most can’t do for one. Don’t need wrist support? The MX Anywhere 2S (₹5,995) will do the same duty for three-laptop travellers.

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