Logitech brings some trackpad magic for your non-Pro iPad

Seems 'Pro' enough
23 March 2020 / 14:52IST

After announcing its fancy new iPad Pro with that ultra-cool Magic Keyboard, Apple did leave the Apple faithful a bit disappointed, since it won't work with the regular iPads nor any iPad Pro that was launched before 2018. But fear not! Everyone's favourite iPad accessory maker, Logitech, has just come to the rescue. Yes. Logitech has launched a Magic Keyboard-esque cover that gets you not just a fancy keyboard but also a trackpad to fiddle with. The Logitech Combo Touch will start selling globally in May with prices starting from $150, which is pretty much half the price of Apple's new iPad cover. It packs in a full-sized keyboard complete with tactile scissor keys that have enough travel to give the 'Pro' feels, along with back-lighting and shortcut keys above the number keys as well. There's multi-finger gesture support, thanks to iPadOS, and it attaches to the iPad Pro's Smart Connector so there's no need to charge it separately.

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