Libra transforms your iPad Pro into a MacBook – complete with trackpad

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03 October 2019 / 10:00IST

There are loads of Bluetooth keyboards that turn your iPad Pro into a sort-of laptop. But Libra (approx ₹8,000) takes things a stage further. Connect your iPad and you can tap away on real keys, rather than prodding at glass. So far, so standard. But also, there’s a trackpad, for zipping a cursor around the screen, rather than pawing at glass to select something. (This uses iPadOS 13’s mouse functionality, buried in the Accessibility section of Settings.) For quickly accessing further handy functions – volume; brightness; Home – there’s a media keys row. And when you’re typing in the dark, or just fancy some funky colours beneath your digits, you can fire up – and customise – the RGB backlighting. The keyboard’s even smart when you’re not using it – a magnetic cover or case keeps your pride and joy safe from scratches while it’s jiggling about in your bag.

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