Lenovo's Yoga 720 will bend over backwards to help you

This contorting laptop could just give the iPad Pro a run for its money
03 August 2017 / 13:15IST

You can’t tell somebody’s a contortionist just by looking at them. They don’t tend to sit at the bus stop with their limbs all folded up into painful-looking positions. At first glance you’d have no idea Lenovo’s Yoga 720 could bend its screen all the way back either, or that it was a 4K touchscreen that you can sketch on with the optional Active Pen 2. And that’s not where its skills end. You’ll also find Intel’s Core i7 processors, a maximum of 1TB of storage and up to 16GB of RAM squeezed inside. And with a fingerprint sensor to unlock it, you should be able to get in even in if your arms are tied behind your back.

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