Lenovo wants to replace your brick-like work laptop with its slick ThinkBook

Hello IT
19 November 2019 / 16:53IST

Lenovo, with its new ThinkBook 14 and 15, wants to change the way we perceive work laptops. These aren’t your chunky, brick-like machines that you want to hide from your clients, but slick-looking machines crafted from aluminium that you would want to show off, even at home. There’s a fingerprint reader embedded in the power button, plenty of ports to connect all those external hard drives and even a few Type C ports thrown in. With Intel’s 10th Gen Core i7 chips and SSDs (configurable) inside, you won't have to wait a day till your laptop starts up. Connectivity should not be a problem either with Wi-Fi 6 inside. And your employees won’t have any excuses with that 12-hour battery either. With price tags starting from ₹30,000 (base configuration), these seem like a good reason to upgrade to, unless you really don’t want to.

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