Lenovo accepts the slim challenge with lightweight sleek and performance-driven laptops

The 530S and 330S hold a lot of promise for those seeking perfection within a budget
27 June 2018 / 16:33IST

Need a new laptop that’s slim, looks amazing and performs well? Unfortunately your budget for one of these has been on a perpetual diet. Finding the right laptop is tricky business and that’s where Lenovo has stepped in with the 530S and 330S - their latest presentations in the Ultra Slim Series laptops. The starting price of ₹35,990 is the biggest reason why you should be tempted to upgrade to one of these sleek lappies. Powered by the latest Intel processors and backed by battery life that’ll put your average joe to shame, these laptops are made for, and are perfect for millennials who have big needs and small budgets, which directly translates - to meeting the demand for looks and performance in a budget that wouldn’t need students to mortgage their kidneys. We’ll be testing these babies ourselves in the next few days before giving you a full review.

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