If you often rely on Google, then HP’s Chromebook X360 is your answer

HP Chromebook combines Chrome OS and Android apps
13 August 2019 / 12:22IST

Leave your Windows or MacBooks on your work desk and travel light with an HP Chromebook; unless you don’t use or rely on Google’s ecosystem. Well, Chromebooks are for those who completely depend on Google’s computational work, especially when on the move. With the new HP Chromebook X360, mobility should not be a problem. Built around the 8th-Gen Intel Core processor with up to 8GB of RAM and up to 64GB of SSD storage (expandable via USB) and a 14in FHD touchscreen panel that can be flipped all around the backside, this Chromebook allows you to use it in laptop, tablet, stand and tent modes to suit your convenience. So work on your flight, or binge watch on your favourite Netflix episodes in your camp. With its custom tuned Bang & Olufsen dual speakers, this 16mm HP laptop will tire your eyes before retiring itself. And oh yes, not to forget — the Chromebook allows you to install and use Android apps too. And that 3D metal chassis will definitely help compliment your executive looks when you splash that chrome on the boardroom table. Available at a starting price of ₹44,990, this may not be as cheap, but is definitely practical. Pick one for yourself at Flipkart or Amazon.

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