HP’s new Chromebook x360 lets you browse the web in style

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04 December 2019 / 12:20IST

While most of us would ignore a Chromebook running Chrome OS for our day to day computing needs, it is affordable and practical for those who do most of their work on the web. HP has introduced its new Chromebook x360 that comes in two flavours, a 12-inch model that is priced at ₹29,990 and a 14-inch model that’s priced at ₹34,990. HP’s offering is made of brushed aluminium and is a stark contrast from the rather plasticky Chromebooks we have seen in the past. Premium materials aside, Chromebooks come with several benefits, provided you are glued to Google’s ecosystem of services. HP claims built-in virus protection, automatic software updates and stereo speakers with B&O audio tuning. But that 10-second start-up time ensures that you can go from thought to action in an instant.

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