HP launched two AIO PCs with neat tricks

And now, the camera will disappear…
23 September 2020 / 18:55IST

HP has been jostling through the computer business for quite some time and now in 2020, where even the most adventurous people have remained indoors, computers and displays have consumed all of our conscious hours. These All-in-ones from HP comes in two models - HP Pavilion 27 and the HP AIO 24. Both have a peek-a-boo camera that respectful cowers inside the body when not in use. The Pavillion 27 pushes it further by giving you a Qi wireless charging pad for your smartphone at the base. Obviously this is an AIO, which means once you plonk this on your desk it should do everything. Play music? Yup, those B&O speakers are wrapped in fabric on the Pavilion. Got a meeting? There are microphones to chant your next presentation online. You can even beckon Alexa on this thing. It starts with Intel i3 processors and can be jacked up to the top of the line specs for different configurations and needs. The HP AIO 24 starts at ₹64,99 and the Pavilion 27 is starting at ₹49,999. Both are available on HP’s online store now.

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