Get HDR in your handbag with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Big specs for Samsung's iPad rival, but a big price too
20 June 2017

Apart from its combustible personality, we miss Samsung’s Note series of phablets and were rather hoping that the company’s new Tab S3 tablet might include a mildly pocketable 6in or 7in version. It doesn’t, but we’re not disappointed: the S3 is in fact a big-screen iPad-smashing powerhouse. It runs Android 7.0 through a 2048x1536 HDR-compatible 9.7in screen and comes with a stylus for on-screen note taking. There’s a microSD card slot, it charges by USB-C and there’ll be a 4G version. What's more, if you are planning to get one of these before 31st July, you could avail Jio's special launch offer and get double data benifits at ₹309. That's a sweet deal if you ask us. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be priced at ₹47,990 and will be available from today. 

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