The Dell XPS 13 and 15 might be the most premium Windows laptop

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08 July 2020 / 13:01IST

It’s hardly surprising that Dell has wrapped a striking body and a pin-sharp display for its beloved XPS series. So, what’s the 2020 version of XPS 13 and 15 doing to stand out from the rest of the Windows laptops? Well, that bezel-less screen needs only a quick glance to tell it apart and if you’re still looking at the bottom for a chin-pointing web camera, don’t. Dell has squeezed a teeny-tiny webcam on the top to solve that problem. The touchpad is also now bigger and better, much like the MacBooks and the 15in version also gets top firing speakers. Aside from that you have your regular premium take on innards from 10th Gen Intel processors to GTX 1650Ti graphics. You also get an optional 4K variant with 500nits of brightness and VESA certified DisplayHDR 400 panel. The XPS 13 starts from ₹1,44,807 and XPS 15 starts from ₹1,86,072 and is available today.  

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