Dell Precision 5550 is for engineering precision

Precisely for big projects
02 July 2020 / 15:26IST

This 15in bezel-less beauty might look like everyone’s beloved workhorse (XPS), but it's actually far from it. It packs an Intel 10th Gen processor, but if you feel there shouldn’t be any margin for error in your work, then you can also pick up a Xeon variant. For design nerds and architect wizardry, there’s Nvidia’s Quadro T2000 (4GB) cold pressed into this aluminium and carbon fibre body. All that brain and no beauty? Wrong. That 16:10 aspect ratio packs an HDR400 display with Dell PremierColor Software for colour accuracy. Dell also says the touchpad is 105% larger than the previous generation and you can physically block the camera with a shutter to save your secrets from leaking out. It starts from ₹1,29,999 excluding GST. 

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